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Pay attention to the use and maintenance of the blade during the use of the shredder

The use of shredder blades is very particular. In particular, the shredder blade is exquisitely made by using a highly wear-resistant cold grinding processing technology, so there are certain precautions when using it. Because the blade body has very good strength and toughness, it can also easily cut some thinner metal materials in actual use. But it is worth [...]

Shredder will save a lot of raw materials into waste

We will have a lot of discarded wood in our lives. In many cases, these woods have become firewood. Although it is also used as waste, this use method does not maximize the maximum value of these wastes. What we do n’t use, they have no value. It ’s just that we have n’t found the right way to [...]

How to avoid vibration during metal shredder production

Since there are many materials processed by the metal shredder, the damage degree of the motor and the reducer is different when processing each material. The blade directly contacts the material and is more likely to be damaged. Even if there are no problems during the installation process, different problems may occur during production operation. Vibrations are more common [...]

What to use when shredder

Shredder manufacturers have a rule that after using the shredder for a period of time, users must conduct regular surveys of some middle-aged and old users, similar to a questionnaire survey. It is to collect some users' thoughts after using the shredder for a long time, and timely feedback to the manufacturer, so that we can have a goal to [...]